Bot installation/startup (after your account has been activated):
1) copy and extract the Botfiles to your swsro folder
2) if you have SWSRO running disconnect from the game
3) start (1) SrProxy and enter the following IP: (SWSRO 1) (SWSRO 2) (ZSZC Fire) (ZSZC Water) (ZSZC Retro)
Do NOT touch the rest!
4) Press start in the proxy window
5) Start the db Bot and accept the license terms
6) Enter your account information in the loader
7) Klick on Start Game an DO NOT klick in your SWSRO window!
8) If the ID/PW field in your client stay empy klick on exit and wait a few seconds (the bot will restart your client automatically)
9) After you are logged in you can set up your settings and save them

Bot error
If your bot has any problem you can solve it by restarting Bot (NOT the proxy) and using a return scroll (or teleport at a ferry).

Loop recording
1)Start at the Hotan Potshop (klick on Start Record)
2)By klicking on the ground within sight distance the chosen point will be saved. (Do NOT klick into the sky!!!!!!!)
3)If you reach a teleporter simply teleport - the bot will save it automatically
4)When you reach your target klick on Stop record and save your script.

Video Tutorial will follow

in order to use the loop you must use the original media pk2 with the english patch from our loader!
Working solutions: all standard Silkroad solutions (except 800x600)

How to start a walkscript
1) Load your walkscript
2) Select which pots you want to buy
3) check the "Use loop" box
4) Start the bot("Start")
5) Use a return

Support ICQ: 623979720