How do I get scanned?
Go to the spawn point in Hotan. If you want to be rescanned (e.g. if you have a new guild or guildinformation like grant name is missing) change an item (e.g. your weapon) go to the blacksmith turn around and go back.

In case you got chinese letters in your name...
We are sorry but we can't show these letters (like , , , ) in our database atm - we are trying to fix this problem.

Why are some of my guildmembers missing?
If your guild is not complete either some of your members did not get scanned yet or simply their guildinformation did not get scanned (we recommend a rescan as it is discribed above).

Why are my accessories not shown?
Cause we can't scan accessories.

When will Fembria be online again?
We do NOT know and the GMs do NOT know it either... so please do not ask us or the GMs about it!

What is the timezone of your page?
'CET' = Central European time. Check the image to see what you need to do to convert e.g. the unique times into your timezone.

Which languages do we [Database Team] speak?
English and German. We do NOT speak turkish!!!

Are you ECSRO Game Masters?