• Loader:
    • NoDC
    • Autologin while Silkroad is minimized
  • Skills:
    • Imbue
    • All Skills/Buffs from lv1 to lv120
  • Pickfilter:
    • Works either with your char or your grabpet.
    • Pick options:
      Gold, SoX Items, Male Garment, Female Garment, Male Protector, Female Protector, Male Armor Female Armor, Glaives, Spears, Swords, Blades, Bows, Shields, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Weapon Elexiers, Protector Elexiers, Shield Elexiers, Accessory Elexiers, Arrows, HP Pots, HP Grains, MP Pots, MP Grains, Vigor Pots, Vigor Grains, Universal Pills, Return Scrolls, each tablet type individually.
  • Autopot:
    • Uses the Pots out of your inventory (you dont have to put them into your skillbar)
    • HP Potting
    • MP Potting
    • Vigor Potting
    • Universal Pills
    • Pet Potting
  • Loop:
    • Bot empties inventory into the storage
    • Bot repairs Equip
    • Bot buys Pots
    • Bot goes back to your level spot (works also with teleport)
  • Other Features/Information:
    • Mob level range (Bot attacks only mobs from lv x to lv y)
    • Use Berserk
    • Auto party
    • Safe Settings
    • No Keypress (only the loader uses keypress)

  • Release: 28.04.2010 - 18:00 (UTC +2)
    Price: 10 [info]
    Trailer: YouTube